Brighten Your Home with Permanent Tropical Flower Arrangements


  • Category: Grande Concerto
  • Dimensions (in): 24(w) x 20(h) x 2(d)
  • Flowers and Foliage: Holly Hock, Cosmos, Pentas, Ferns and Grasses
  • Color of Frame: Gold
  • Weight (lb): 4.25
  • Item: GC4041-Gold

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If you know the pleasure of bringing lovely, vibrant tropical flower arrangements into your home, you undoubtedly also are familiar with the feeling of sadness that can occur when the blooms begin to wilt and die. Set against a cream colored background and framed in antique gold, this handcrafted plaque holds a lovely bouquet of Cosmos, Holly Hocks, Pentas accented with the fresh green colors of wild ferns and grasses. Because each flower and spray of foliage has been perfectly preserved with a modern technique designed to promote long lasting beauty, this gorgeous handcrafted plaque provides you with a way to enjoy tropical flower arrangements in your home for as long as you like.

Best of all, because each plaque is created by hand by a talented artisan, no two are alike, making them great gifts or those who appreciate nature-based household decor. Busy homeowners can easily keep this plaque clean by just dusting it with a damp cotton cloth.